10 Reasons Everyone Needs A Friend Who’s A Bartender

So much truth to this post!

Thought Catalog

Coyote UglyCoyote Ugly

1. When you complain about your desk job, they will (rightfully) remind you that they work just as hard as you do mentally, but they’re also on their feet all day. It’s a nice reminder to be grateful for the perks you do have.

2. They will teach you to be a good customer. You now know not to wave your bartender down like an idiot, not to order a ridiculous drink, and to tip well. And your service has improved because of it.

3. They will teach you to be tough. A bartender learns very early on that they can’t put up with anyone’s crap. If you have a tendency to be a people-pleaser or a pushover, you’ll learn from watching them that you can and should put your foot down.

4. They know everyone. There must be a secret bartender club they all hang out in…

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