Fashion Has Turned 3 Dimensional

With Paris Fashion Week behind us, fashion icons and designers have begun to introduce new styles and products to the runway. 3D fashions have become a very new and innovative way to design and wear clothes. Shapeways 3D Printing Service based in NYC is a platform for designers, experienced and inexperienced to bring their ideas and designs to life. 3D printed fashions have been featured on Project Runway and the Victorias Secret Fashion Show. Nervous SysteNervous System Studios 3D Printed Dressm Studios also created a fully functioning dress using Shapeways 3D printing factory.

What is Additive Manufacturing Anyway?

Additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing, are known as technologies that create and actually build 3D objects by adding layer upon layer of material to build products. Once the file has been produced using the 3D modeling software, the 3D printer reads the data and creates the objects and turns the designs into reality ( While 3D printers can create a multitude of different types of products such as home decor, figurines and games, the newest trend we are seeing are wearables. Products created by additive manufacturing can be made using plastics, ceramics and metals as well.

Bringing YOUR Designs To Life

Shapeways is a marketplace for designers to upload their designs and ideas as well as sell their 3D creations. Anyone can buy the finished products and anyone, even you, can upload designs. Shapeways encourages people who experience as well as people who are inexperienced in 3D designs to give it a whirl! The process is pretty simple, go to, click on “MAKE” and simply upload your design. Next, Shapeways will create your design and then sell it in their online marketplace. You will then get product feedback and share it with the world! Shapeways is a really great platform to innovate and try something new.

3D Printed Fashions Coming to a Store Near You? 

Although 3D dresses seem like a trend only to be worn on the runway, you too can try to wear this a
wesome new style! Shapeways features items such as clutches, cell phone cases, belt buckles and even jewelry on their site! You can wear a 3D necklace, (like the one pictured here), with jeans and a plain t-shirt or even dress it up with a nice cocktail dress and heels! The ways to wear 3D fashions are endless. These creative and beautiful new creations are futuristic and are definitely foreshadowing whats to come in the fashion world.


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