2014 Fall Makeup Trends

  Off the Runway and Onto Your Facebold lips

Fall is finally here and this seasons makeup trends are hotter than ever. Sometimes when we see makeup and fashion trends on the runway each season, it’s almost far fetched that we would ever truly wear the abstract looks in every day life. However, this seasons makeup trends are totally wearable and so easy to pull off!

Bold Lips, Bare Face

One of the most eye catching looks to try out this fall is wearing a super eye catching lip color with little face and eye makeup. Try picking up a cranberry colored lip color (Mac in the color Sin, Rebel, or Dark Side are all good choices) and pairing it with blacked winged eye liner and just a touch of bronzer to warm up the face.

Mess with Metallics

Using small metallic touches on the eyes or cheekbones can really add a beautiful and unpredictable pop to your makeup look this fall. Try using a metallic colored eye liner underneath the lower lash line (Urban Decay 24/7 liners work wonders!). Another way to pull this off is by using a loose pigment metallic colored shadow on the lid of your eye and use all neutral matte colors to blend it out. To achieve a less dramatic look while still using metallics, try using a cheek highlighter right on the tops of the cheekbones for a beautiful glow (Mac in the color Lightscapade).

Love the LashBold Lashes

This season you have the liberty to go lash crazy! Load on that mascara for thick, long and bold lashes. With this look there’s no need for a ton of eye makeup. Simply spend some time working on elongating the eyelashes and pair it with any lip color you like. My favorite mascaras on the market right now are “They’re Real!” by Benefit cosmetics and Younique Fiber Lash mascara that can be purchased online!

Sometimes following trends, especially ones right off the runway can be quite intimidating due to them being so bold and eccentric. However, this fall the looks are absolutely wearable and smokin’ hot!

As always check out my makeup and fashion boards on Pinterest for some ideas and inpiration!

(All images found on Pinterest)


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