How to Pull off Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a comfortable and adorable way to change up a casual look.

You might be reading this saying, “what the heck are boyfriend jeans?!”. Boyfriend jeans are loose fitting and are usually worn as capris by cuffing the bottoms. There are a few variations to make this outfit great to wear casually or even as an outfit to wear in the spring to the boardwalk or an outdoor restaurant.

  1. CASUAL WEAR: Try wearing them with a plain loose fitting t-shirt.  Pair it with a pair of vans, or even converse for a very casual every day look.
    Picture from Google Image
    Picture from Google Image
  2. DRESS IT UP A BIT: To make this look more appropriate for an outdoor lunch during spring or a walk down the boardwalk, try wearing a nice pair of flats or sandals with a cute button down shirt. You can also try pairing it with a plain tank and a blazer. If you really want to dress them up, pair your boyfriend jeans with wedges and a more formal top!

I hope this post was helpful for you! Trying out new fashion trends can be a bit scary but hopefully these tips make it a little easier! Check out my fashion board on pinterest!  Here are some places you can purchase your  Boyfriend  Jeans!  On the second link use coupon code TOBI50 for 50% off and free shipping! Stay posted, videos so


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