Self Tanning Tips

The warm weather is finally here and its time for us to start pulling out our skirts and shorts for spring and summer! But the winter has kept are skin from getting a tan for months and you may be wondering how to get a glowing tan from the start without laying in a tanning bed! Sure, you can go get a spray or airbrush tan, but that can get pricey especially for us college students. Here I will share some tips about self tanning right in your dorm or home! A lot of people are intimidated by self tanning in fear of looking orange or streaky, but if you follow these instructions you’ll have a beautiful and natural looking tan in minutes!

  1. PREPARE YOUR SKIN : Make sure that your skin is makeup and lotion free. Start by taking a hot shower and exfoliating your body to take of any dead skin. If you forget this step, your skin may begin to look blotchy and flakey after a few days of application.
  2. APPLY AN EVEN THIN LAYER OF TANNER : Whether your using lotion, spray or foam, you must make sure you apply it sparingly but evenly. Once it’s dried, you can apply another coat for a deeper tan. If you are fair, apply one coat, wait until your tan appears (about 2 hours later) and then decide whether or not to apply another coat.
  1. DONT FORGET : Apply your tanner to your neck, ears, and tops of the feet for a nice even tan.
  1. WASH YOUR HANDS IMMEDIATELY : In order to avoid fake orange looking hands, wash with soap after you apply any tanner. The product will stain the inside of your fingers and palms if you dont wash them!
  1. WAIT 15 MINUTES : Before applying your makeup, or getting dressed! It is super important to follow this step so your tan wont get smudged or streaky.
  1. IT WILL SHOW UP! : Most tanners dont show up until 2 hours after you apply them. So plan ahead if your going to an event, and be patient!!
  1. TAN GRADUALLY : Apply tanner every other day to achieve a gradual natural tan.

Here are some helpful videos that I found all about self tanning

How to Self Tan at Home

Self Tanning Routine

As always check out my fashion, makeup and hair boards on Pinterest! Thank you so much for reading and I hope that this post was helpful for you all that were curious about self tanning!


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